Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mad about HUE

Last night, I finally caught up on Mad Men. I won't go into details about my secret love for Don Draper, or my envy for all of the outfits that constantly make me wish I was my current age, back then (fashion reasons only).  I won't spoil any of the juicy parts if you haven't seen it yet, however, the episode did have my mind wander into the world of many things do when you've built your business around that world.  Peggy works on a hosiery account that is afraid to promote the fact that their products are "the only a pair you'll ever need".  After all, they have to rely on volume in order to survive, as most businesses do. I found it interesting how in the past women have looked at hosiery as something they NEED. A necessity in a shopping basket along with maxi pads and toothpaste.

We've come a long way with legwear. So much so, that now we call it legwear. Options have moved from neutral, sheer or opaque to a multitude of colours, textures and patterns.  More than ever before, hosiery is something I WANT to wear, and I also want my pick. So, while other accessories have always served the purpose to embellish and just be there and be pretty, legwear has gone from a "need" to a very fashionable "want".

Here are three legwear trends I'm loving right now.

Textured Opaque Tights

 A nice twist to the regular opaque tight...and with grey being the perfect neutral, these should be a staple in every gals legwear collection. Pick these HUE tights up in our boutique for $16.

Lace Tights

Worried your dress may not be fancy enough for that special occasion? Turn it into a completely new look with a pair of these. They're fancy, girly, and flirty. Embrace lace! $15.

Cable Knit Leggings

Cozify your legs with these puppies! Pair these with some cute boots and an over-sized cardigan for a casual cool look. Available in black and charcoal, HUE Cable Knit Leggings - $45.

Not only does the HUE brand offer fun and fashionable hosiery, but ask anyone who's ever worn them, and they will rave about the comfort. A tough reputation to uphold when dealing with the dreaded "pantyhose". From day basics to fancy floral, we've got your legs covered in comfortable, gorgeous HUE at I Heart Accessories.  Come in for a peak!

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