Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have Your Cake

A customer came into the boutique one day and brought with her the most amazing scent.  It was sweet like candy, but not candy, but delicious, like a cupcake, but not a cupcake...sugary, delicious, amazing goodness...but in the air. "What is that amazing scent?" I asked her.  "Oh, I'm trying out this body cream called Cake, my friend gave it to me."

The brand is a popular one, and I had first seen it in Sephora while looking for a new facial cleanser.  I couldn't resist picking up the little bottles with pretty pink writing and squirting a test into my hand. I remember loving the sweet scent but reminded myself  to focus on the cleanser before dangerously letting myself get carried away.

A few weeks after that customer was in the boutique, I coincidentally had an email from Cake Beauty in my inbox.  "We are hoping you would be interested in carrying our line of beauty products." Of course I would! If you know me well, you know that I have never resisted anything with the word "cake".  So off I went to meet the ladies of this delicious brand and learned that not only does it smell incredible, but it is made with 90 - 95% high quality, natural ingredients. And for those who like to indulge without the nasty side-effects, their products are also 100% paraben-free.  If that's not enough, Cake Beauty is Canadian made. 

When the products arrived, my excitement took over as I opened all the testers and started sniffing, rubbing and spraying. I could eat it. Really, I could. I won't though. Instead, I will just use it, and tell you about how great it is. I have two favourites from the line. 

This cocoa coloured hair powder is ideal for beauty queens with red, black and brown hair (to get rid of that day-after-washing-not-so-fresh-ness) and is also available for lighter hues. It can also be used on your body for freshening! 
  I also love the Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm. Where can you use it? On everything and anything. This concentrated blend will melt into your skin to treat and prevent dry, rough heels, dry elbows, chapped lips, stretch marks, frizzies, flyaways and so much more.

Along with those are Shimmering Creams, Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs...and with prices ranging from $6 to $24, it won't pinch your purse. 

If you already have a fond love for Cake Beauty, then you'll be happy to know that we are now fully stocked with all of your faves and more on the way for the holiday season. If you've never tried it, then you're in for a treat the next time you're in the boutique. Go ahead, indulge a little.


With Heart, 


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jewel Tones for Fall

When it comes to putting on jewelry, the most common choice I find myself making is between gold and silver. I love both and think I can pull off either, depending on my outfit. However, lately I find myself gearing towards rich, colourful pieces.  This season, trends are really leaning towards gorgeous jewel tones,  especially with accessories in deep pinks, purples, blues and reds.  So far, fall is looking stunning!

In the boutique, we've paired some bright turquoise with some deep reds for a gorgeous transitional look into fall.  Also spotted here (top shelf) is our Animal Print chain by You? 

We just brought in some beautiful statement pieces from L.A. and I am indeed loving all of them. The blue in this stretch cuff is THE perfect pop of colour to pair up with neutrals.  Cuff - $24, Ring - $16.

 Not one for big "showey" jewels?  We just got a juicy shipment of richly coloured bags and wallets...with lots more coming in as we head deeper into fall. I am head over heels for the Navy Textured Bag below, just $50.

And if you find yourself needing more reasons to drape yourself in regal hues this fall, take a look at what else we're offering at the boutique lately!

Beautiful beaded jewelry - This piece is only $24. For real.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Instant hair-do with these stunners. $16.

And of course - we do heart our scarves.  With all the colours we have to choose from, you'll want one for each of your fall coats! $24.

If you haven't been in to the boutique in a while, you're due for a visit. With new EVERYTHING for fall, we are super excited for this new, crisp, beautiful season!

With Heart, 


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Heart gets Divafied

We were lucky enough and so very excited to be part of a fantastic event on August 5th: Divalicious 2 at The Roosevelt Room. Hosted by Divagirl Inc. and Shop Socials, this event gave women a night of exciting entertainment and fabulous shopping topped off with there anything better?

Danielle and I were so happy to have a booth and showcase our fab finds at extra special prices.  Divas were swooning over our jewels...and at a couple points in the night, we had little lines forming while others made their picks!

Here's a snapshot of our booth before everyone was let in...

A short time later...let the "Bling Buying" begin...

Of course, it wouldn't have been a Divalicious night without a Divafied Fashion Show.  We were so very excited to be a part of this gorgeous display of incredible designs. Labels included TFNC London by Studio Beba, Samantha Stoncius, and N.S. Designs.  How did we fit in? I Heart Accessories topped off all the looks!

Major thanks go out to our amazing and talented hosts, Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials and and Laura Furtado of Divagirl Inc. These ladies know how to throw a party and make it fab! Also, can we just pay a little attention to how absolutely stunning they are?!

And of course, an extra special thank-you to the other half of the I Heart Dream Team, Danielle. Here we are, all bright eyed (Pre ransackage and Red Bull highs/lows.)

If you haven't already treated yourself and your friends to events by these amazing gals, you should definitely check them out...we CAN NOT wait for the next one!


With Heart, 


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fab Finds for Fall

It's been an extremely busy past few weeks for us at the boutique as we have begun our transition from summer to fall. If you haven't already done so, come in to check out our end of summer/pre-fall sale. All Jewels are 20% off, along with belts that are 25% off, and a bunch of goodies at half off.

We've already had our first few fall shipments arrive, with many more to come. I have to say that if it weren't for a full season of exciting new trends, I would be extra sad to see summer go.  Here is a sneak peak at some of our new stock, as well as what you can expect in the coming weeks!  

Mixing metals is all the rage this season and it's really growing on me!  This gorgeous 3-tone cuff is my personal fave, and only $24. 

Fascinators are still huge and extremely fun with new luxuriously rich tones.  This one makes my heart skip a beat. $16.
Say hello to a bag I will be adding to my personal collection.  This fall, we're all about textured and rich-coloured vegan leather. 

These puppies below are also on my faves list at $25 - $49. Love.
And if you follow our blog, you'll know that we LOVE's a newbie we're welcoming with open arms at $25

So, are we excited for cooler weather? Nah.  Does the fab fashion make it better? Indeed. Stay tuned for all of our new gorgeosity coming this season!

With Heart,