Monday, May 30, 2011

Dare to Compare?

Thanks to Laura for spotting these babies! Thank goodness there's I Heart Accessories...:)

With Heart, 


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bring on the Heat: Laura's Top 3 Summer Trends!

Since the May 2-4 weekend means summer has unofficially begun, our hearts and minds are set on the season. This summer, accessory trends are showing a lot of bright, bold and floppy. Here are a few of my fave looks, that are available at I Heart Accessories right now. 

Bright Handbags & Wallets

As someone who loves bright colours and tries to infuse some in everything I wear, I am definitely loving all the colours seen out on the streets. Drab and dreary winter is over, it is time to spice things up! Have something neutral coloured you want to give a summer feel? Add a bright green purse to bring some life to your outfit, like the ones we are currently showcasing in our front window. 

If you are more of a clutch person, then there are always our vibrant orange, pink, and blue ones, OR if the thought of committing to a bright purse scares you, opt for a bright wallet. We've got a cute selection of colours gracing our shelves.

Bold Bracelets and Bangles

During Paris Fashion Week, the multi-bracelet trend exploded. Chanel and Elie Saab paired quite a few of their summer dresses with a cool clutch and either a chunky flower bangle or a whole row of separates ones. 

Elie Saab

 Right now in the boutique, we have a slightly more wallet friendly version of Chanel’s bracelet, for only $26. 

We also have a large variety of bangles sold separately or together that could be layered to create the Elie Saab look, for all under $30.

Floppy Hats

Judging by our weather this weekend, it looks like Summer is poking its head around the corner. Summer = beaches, and beaches = floppy hats. 

Although these hats are the perfect beach accessory, they don’t have to be just for laying out in the sun. See, this girl is touching flowers (possibly) in the city. :)

The shelves of I Heart Accessories have a variety of floppy hats, some with a wire brim so you can shape it to get that perfect flop. 

As much as we've all been longing for summer, the heat can sometimes be too much. Who says we can’t look great while enduring the sweltering temperatures? So, grab your bright purse, throw on some bangles and a floppy hat, and be beach (or city) ready this summer, with the help of I Heart Accessories. 

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Laura

I am OH SO pleased to introduce the newest member of the I Heart team. Please, put your hands together for Miss. Laura, who has taken the role of our part-time assistant. 

Passionate about jewellery and accessories, this young lady is a student at OCAD University studying Material Arts and Design, and specializing in jewellery design and metalsmithing. She hopes that upon graduation from school she can start her own jewellery line and business, and I am quite pleased to show her the ropes. Stop in and say hi next time you're in the hood...but be nice, she's new around here ;)

With Heart, 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lazy Updates

Shame on me for being the laziest blogger ever to blog. I do apologize for not giving you any updates on my petite boutique and all it's greatness in the last little while.

Here are some updates:

In Toronto, it rained all of April. This, you know. But did you know that we carry Fulton Umbrellas, and they are the coolest? They have definitely been a favourite at the shop as of late.

Look how much these people like theirs!

And why wouldn't they be ecstatic? Fulton Umbrellas are from the UK, where it rains the most ever. So you KNOW they're fab. They are built with wind resistant there aint no flyin' up and out with these babies. The best part? They hold a Royal Warrant, to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously to Her Majesty The Queen Mother. This is serious business.

Speaking of The Queen, her darling grandson was married this past month! If you acquaint yourself with such folk who attended/hosted High Tea, you may have adorned your pretty head with one of these beauties...

...and If you haven't already worn one, now you have an excuse to do so at your next shindig. If princess Beatrice can do it, you can too.

Another main event this past week was a day dedicated to the strongest people on the planet, Mothers. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the ladies who have given life to another. You are all incredible...and if you received some accessories from us, know that they were wrapped in our gift bags with love.

So have we been busy? Yes, we have been. Between Spring Fever, Mom Love and a new hire (yes, a NEW HIRE! - Her name's Laura, you'll meet her soon), it's been a jam-packed few weeks. Stay tuned for fab new arrivals in the next couple of weeks. Keep it real.

With heart,