Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye for an I Heart

I traveled to Turkey in 2004 and of course, visited the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul while I was there. Aside from the knock-off perfumes, watches and the yelling salesmen, there is a certain type of mysterious allure in the Bazaar, which I personally think rings true throughout most middle eastern countries and culture.  While walking through with my traveling buddies, I was instantly drawn to the numerous jewelry merchants and was dead set on leaving with at least one awesome piece of jewelry.  Being away for two months, one piece was really all I had room for. Admittedly, I did leave with more than just one. As well as some scarves. And tea. Also spices.

One thing that did stand out for me at the time was the abundance of eyeballs staring at me. Not just by other people either. As every culture in the world has their own superstitions and good luck charms, the Turkish (along with many other Middle Eastern people) use the evil eye as a symbol to ward off evil. 

I have to admit, I wasn't instantly drawn to the look of these beads 6 years ago, but now, I'm seeing them everywhere and they have become the universal symbol for "evil eye".  Combined with the "Hamsa" (a similar token used in Judaism), accessory lovers are hyped over this new spiritual/good karma/superstitious trend!

Kim Kardashian is sporting her Evil Eyes...

And of course, my fave gal Madonna wearing her hamsa bling...

So as I am kicking myself for not picking up some genuine evil eyes while I was in Turkey...6 years later, I find myself carrying the trend in my very own boutique.

These cool little bracelets start at $14. 

If you ask me, we could all use a little more good karma. Why not attract it with some cute and trendy wrist decor?

With Heart,


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