Monday, February 21, 2011

Art Is Where The Heart Is

I consider myself an artist. Not in the typical way you would envision an artist - i.e. a painter with her palette... But I do consider what I do to be art. I create, I love what I create, and put that creation out into the world so others can love it too.

I recently read the book Linchpin by Seth Godin, which was gracefully gifted to me by my good friend, Sally - an artist in every sense of the word.  The book describes a way of life/work that encourages you to be the best you can be at whatever it is that you're doing, and to do so by making that work art, and showing the world how well you do your art. I'm not trying to sell you on this book, but it is worth a read if you're stuck between doing what you love, and doing what you feel you have to do in life.

That being of the things I love about my business (and I've written about this before), is being able to help other artists, get their art out into the world. Although I Heart Accessories is still a tiny little baby girl, she's still very much in love with those who create, and does her best to promote those creations. We have loved selling local work, of all different types and styles, and want to do so even more as we grow. It helps those who create, and brings fresh new vibes to our shop each time a new piece is dropped off.  Here are some of the pieces that been created by some of our favourite artists, and give our shop that extra unique feel.


Quoise Jewellery

Sidelines Jewellery
All local, all beautiful. 

Here's where I'm going with this. If you're an artist, and you've recently decided to put your art into practice, and that practice has anything to do with adorning accessories, you should let us know. Granted, a fit between your work and our shop is necessary, but we'de love to hear from you. Along with a few other steps forward for I Heart Accessories this year, generating greater relationships with artists is primo on the list.

With Heart,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Piece

I can't believe January has (thank the universe) slipped by so quickly and left me with only 1 written blog post.  For those of you who follow and mushy brain apologizes.  I have felt like a crusty bear in hibernation for the last 30 days...and who can blame me with the painful weather that has been bestowed upon us?   I digress. I'm here, I'm alive, and the worst is behind us. Who's ready for Spring-a-ling-a-ling?

I have been inspired by a dear friend to write this post. Natalie (we are same-namers) came in a few days ago with her pal Jen, and perused all of our new lovelies. She picked up a bracelet that I absolutely knew was her style. A beaded wrap bracelet in espresso, that she could effortlessly pull off as a daily piece.

When she picked it up...I instantly said "That's so you!".  I should point out that although my job is to sell the items in my shop, I never do it with lines like "That's so you", or any other line for that matter...I'm less of a line girl and much more of a "if you're feelin' it, you should totally get it and make yourself happy" kinda girl.  When she decided to make that baby hers, I mentioned a new book, which absolutely absorbed me on my last visit to Indigo. As one of two comfy chairs and myself became one, I licked my lips with each new page of "You Know You Want it: Style-Inspiration-Confidence" by Eric Daman.

Daman is the costume stylist for the television show Gossip Girl, and although the show's premise is less than interesting to me, the outfits keep me watching when I "accidentally" stumble upon it.

 In the book, Daman discusses the idea of having "your piece". One of his simple fashion rules is that every girl (and guy, for that matter) needs a piece to call their own. A Carrie necklace, Audrey pearls or a Natalie wrap bracelet. Your piece is your piece...and although it won't define who you are, something unique may symbolize your personality...and I adore the idea. Daman's piece? Meaningful charms that hang on gold and silver chains around his neck. My piece? I seem to wear this little gal quite often...

  A piece created and customized by my good friend Dawn from iWEAR.

What's your piece?

With Heart,