Saturday, July 24, 2010

1 Scarf 3 ways

I'm a scarf girl. I always have been. As a teenager, I had a wall full of them and threw one on just about everyday. Scarves give you a great way to have fun with fashion, which is why I'm tres excited for our new collection of them.  Here are a few ways I like to sport mine...


I'm loving these three looks by Monique Lhuiller, DianeVon Furstenberg, and, Nanette Lepore.  

It's easiest to achieve this look with thinner scarves, which also makes them less likely to slip off your head.  
These new sashes with angled edges are perfect for "hair-wear", and are available at I Heart Accessories for just $10.


A cinched waist is flattering for any shape...and having a little fun with a scarf or sash can brighten up your look without weighing you down. 
Worn a little higher, here's how I dressed up my simple black jersey dress today...


OK..An obvious place to put a scarf, but keeping the look varied is key.  I always love a bow tied to the side for a pretty, feminine look.

I am always encouraging customers to have fun, and play with accessories.  If you think a fabric necklace would look better as a belt, then wear it as one. I will be the first to applaud!


With Heart,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blushing Baubles

With the 2010 Wedding Season well underway, I've had the pleasure of helping out a few brides-to-be with their selection of accessories for their big day, as well as some little lovelies for their group of gals. I had never set out to offer bridal services, but given the quality of the accessories we carry and the price points we offer, it's been a natural step in a very rewarding direction.  Here are some bridal trends we're saying "I do" to this season.

Brides are adoring mini veils and feathery, flowery headpieces.  Thank goodness there is a tres chic alternative to the traditional veil and tiara.

From pins and combs to sparkly bands and fabric flowers, our headpiece selection starts at $12

Not that you need help getting noticed on your wedding day, but why not make a statement while all eyes are on you anyway? Many have taken a liking to these beauties at the boutique lately, and while they range in price from $29 - $49, you can definitely see why.

One trend I'm adoring is the crystal brooch topping off a sash, bow or a ruched waist.  It's a great way to add some vintage charm or sparkle to a simple dress.

This little number will warm your heart for only $28

Lastly, we can't forget our girls. I light up with excitement when a customer shows me a dress and asks me to accessorize it with some bridesmaid loveliness.  Here's one I helped with for an October wedding.


Above: Earrings: $24, Dress: Hot, Cuff: $32

Of course, let it be known that I love accessorizing anyone for any occasion, but if you come in to the boutique with a wedding party to decorate - I will a) cry with tears of joy for you, and b) make you and your gals as pretty as can be.

With Heart,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Future Closet

I'm a big believer in envisioning the things you strive to acquire. 


With Heart,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by A & P of 365 Fashion Rehab last week.  These amazing gals took a WHOLE YEAR off from shopping in an attempt to give their wallets a break and re-asses their spending habits.  You can read more about that fun (and drama) filled adventure in their blog, and although they've gone back to shopping, their doing it wisely and keeping us posted on that too!

So why on earth did they interview MOI?  They've started a new blog series entitled "Independence Day", where they showcase independent boutiques and designers they love. I just happened to be the first to be featured. How lucky am I? Click below to give it a read...and know this: I heart A & P.

With Heart,