Friday, April 8, 2011

Accessories CAN Save The World!

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that some days end on a high note, and you feel generally amazing about life...and then some days are the opposite...and all you want, is a bowl of ice cream and some mindless, reality television. Yes, life gets challenging...but when I complain about my VERY fortunate life, I can't help but feel ridiculous, considering the situations that so many others are facing in the world.  I get impatient when my elevator stops 10 times on the way down to the parking garage, yet thousands of people in Japan had their whole lives washed away in an instant.  

As a business owner, I hold a responsibility to give back to the world that has given me so much. No one has placed that on me, I just feel it.  And what immense joy there is in meeting others who feel the same way, and who take it many steps further to organize events, and bring people together who feel the need to contribute.

I have recently been given the opportunity to give back through some great initiatives that are worth mentioning.  Although no one really NEEDS accessories, our accessories have been able to help those IN need. 

Shop for the Cause 

Nathalie-Roze Fischer, owner of amazing shop Nathalie-Roze & Co. is a superstar.  Shop for the Cause: A Pop Up Sale for Japan, is the third Pop Up Nathalie-Roze has organized, in an effort to send relief to those who have been affected by Tsunami. Her ability to gather communities and shed light on an issue never goes unnoticed. This is the second time we were able to donate some of our goods, to be sold and have profits given to The Canadian Red Cross.

The mission of this amazing charity, is to provide formal gowns and accessories, free of charge, to Toronto area high school girls who are unable to purchase their own prom attire.  Every year, we focus on selling prom attire, but why not focus on giving it? This is the first year we participated in The Corsage Project, and are happy to continue this trend.

Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials, is an Event Planning Guru, and her next big thing is Hot for Hope, an evening of SPA-ing and SHOP-ing in uptown Toronto. Proceeds from the event are being donated to The Canadian Red Cross in support of Japan.  I Heart Accessories is of course, taking part in the shop crawl fun.  Click here for more info! 

If you know of a charity, or initiative that you think we should also know about. Send us an email! My heart goes out to those in need, and our accessories go out in support of them.

With Heart,