Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunglass Mishmash: What's Right For Your Face?

I don’t know about you, but I always dread shopping for sunglasses. I try on every pair possible and still cannot decide which ones look the best on me. Then, when I do find a pair, it seems to disappear the next summer so I have to repeat the whole process again. It is exhausting. I’ve decided to break the vicious cycle this year for those who also have sunglasses "issues", and write up a short guide for what type you should wear based on your face shape, because a great pair of sunglasses can perfectly finish off a look. At I Heart Accessories we carry a variety of styles all with UV 400 protection to make sure you look good while staying safe.  

Generally, the most flattering frame shape is one that contrasts the shape of your face. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to break it down further. 

Square Face

 For those of you with a more angular, square shaped face, you should try oval and round frames. Find a pair that sit higher on the face, to minimize the jaw line. You could also try a narrow, longer frame to widen the eye area. Avoid square shaped frames, low set temples, or a colour accent along the bottom of the frame.

Oval Face

Oval faces have got it easy, the balanced proportions ensure that almost any frame shape will suit you, but try to find some frames that are wider or the same length as the widest part of your face. To add some angles to your curves, you could try geometric, rectangular shapes. Even though you can work almost anything, try not to go too big with the frame as it can overwhelm your features. 

Oblong Face

Oblong faces are long and narrow. Choose a deep frame which covers the center of your face to shorten it. Broader sunglasses with some decorative elements around the top rim or temple can help to add width to your face shape. Avoid small and shorter frames. 

Round Face

For round faces, the best way to compliment your shape is with contrasting straight or angular frames, like this season's popular cat-eye style. If you want to make your face appear narrower, choose a clear bridge over the nose and a rectangular or horizontal style that will work to widen your eye area. To lengthen the face, go with a slimmer frame or an upswept frame which will work to draw attention to the top of your face. You need to avoid small and short frames. 

Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces should be complimented with bottom-heavy frames that will work to add width to your lower face. Styles with a low set temple and narrow, round frames will work to draw attention down and soften your face. Avoid decorative temples and frames with heavy tops. Aviators work well for heart shapes.

Now that you know what styles look best and what to avoid, stop by I Heart Accessories to pick out the best pair to compliment your gorgeous face. They are all priced at $12, or 2 pairs for $20.

Happy Summer!

With Heart, 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun OUTside of I Heart!

It's already the 15th of June! Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy?

We've had a super busy couple of weeks at the shop...and it's only getting busier! New beauties are arriving every few days, and like always, we love branching out of our cozy little space and into the hearts of others!

We are taking part in a couple great events this summer hosted by our faves in all the land.

This Thursday June 16th,  (SO SOON!) is the much anticipated Divas in the City 2. Hosted by our friends at Divagirl Inc.

We will be showcasing some FAB new accessories that aren't even out on our shelves yet, plus, a whole bunch of amazing vendors, speakers, and martinis. If you're interested in networking and mingling with over a hundred other fabulous, driven and successful ladies, this is not an event to be missed. 

On August 15th, Divagirl Inc., is doing it up again, but this time with the amazing gals at Shop Socials.  If anyone knows how to put on a VIP event, complete with shopping, fashion shows, and all the latest designers and trends, it's these gals. Divalicious was awesome last year, so we're really looking forward to this one!

If you're a lady in love with fashion, and are interested in learning about careers, dating, money and all things girly, then come to one, or both of these events. We hope to see you there!

With Heart, 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Season Accessory Bliss

It’s that time of year again! Time to get all teary eyed while a beaming couple gets married! Fancy or casual, a wedding is the time to dress your best and charm family and friends. We all know how stressful it can sometimes be to find the perfect outfit for these events, so here at I Heart Accessories we are trying to make things a little easier for you. In one stop you can get your hair-wear, evening bag, and jewellery. We're well equipped with this season's evening are a few examples.

We've mentioned these a couple of times, but how could we not?! Just because the royal wedding is over and we aren’t in England, doesn’t mean we can’t rock a fascinator at this year’s summer weddings. They are the perfect way to add some spunk or girly perfection to your look. Now when I say fascinators, I don’t mean the over the top questionable numbers we saw at Will & Kate's to-do. We have many options of more fashion friendly fascinators that won’t block the view of people sitting behind you. We have some simple ones of beautiful fabric flowers and a more bold option that includes tulle and feathers. These are all available in a variety of colours.

Evening Bags

Yes. You need one. What else are you going to do with your tissues, camera and lipstick? Our latest shipment of clutches include a variety of options for evening wear, each with the option of a chain strap. We have sparkly ones, lacy ones, and floral ones just waiting to be given the honour of carrying your belongings.


Our philosophy with jewellery? Go big, or go home. We appreciate a simple, versatile outfit, that can be glammed up, or toned down. I'm seeing coral dresses everywhere this perfect are these nude/gold accessories with the little number featured here?

Weather you have 1, or 10 weddings to attend this season, know that you can count on us to accessorize it. Bring your outfits in! We love a challenge!

With Heart,