Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blushing Baubles

With the 2010 Wedding Season well underway, I've had the pleasure of helping out a few brides-to-be with their selection of accessories for their big day, as well as some little lovelies for their group of gals. I had never set out to offer bridal services, but given the quality of the accessories we carry and the price points we offer, it's been a natural step in a very rewarding direction.  Here are some bridal trends we're saying "I do" to this season.

Brides are adoring mini veils and feathery, flowery headpieces.  Thank goodness there is a tres chic alternative to the traditional veil and tiara.

From pins and combs to sparkly bands and fabric flowers, our headpiece selection starts at $12

Not that you need help getting noticed on your wedding day, but why not make a statement while all eyes are on you anyway? Many have taken a liking to these beauties at the boutique lately, and while they range in price from $29 - $49, you can definitely see why.

One trend I'm adoring is the crystal brooch topping off a sash, bow or a ruched waist.  It's a great way to add some vintage charm or sparkle to a simple dress.

This little number will warm your heart for only $28

Lastly, we can't forget our girls. I light up with excitement when a customer shows me a dress and asks me to accessorize it with some bridesmaid loveliness.  Here's one I helped with for an October wedding.


Above: Earrings: $24, Dress: Hot, Cuff: $32

Of course, let it be known that I love accessorizing anyone for any occasion, but if you come in to the boutique with a wedding party to decorate - I will a) cry with tears of joy for you, and b) make you and your gals as pretty as can be.

With Heart,


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