Friday, May 13, 2011

Lazy Updates

Shame on me for being the laziest blogger ever to blog. I do apologize for not giving you any updates on my petite boutique and all it's greatness in the last little while.

Here are some updates:

In Toronto, it rained all of April. This, you know. But did you know that we carry Fulton Umbrellas, and they are the coolest? They have definitely been a favourite at the shop as of late.

Look how much these people like theirs!

And why wouldn't they be ecstatic? Fulton Umbrellas are from the UK, where it rains the most ever. So you KNOW they're fab. They are built with wind resistant there aint no flyin' up and out with these babies. The best part? They hold a Royal Warrant, to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously to Her Majesty The Queen Mother. This is serious business.

Speaking of The Queen, her darling grandson was married this past month! If you acquaint yourself with such folk who attended/hosted High Tea, you may have adorned your pretty head with one of these beauties...

...and If you haven't already worn one, now you have an excuse to do so at your next shindig. If princess Beatrice can do it, you can too.

Another main event this past week was a day dedicated to the strongest people on the planet, Mothers. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the ladies who have given life to another. You are all incredible...and if you received some accessories from us, know that they were wrapped in our gift bags with love.

So have we been busy? Yes, we have been. Between Spring Fever, Mom Love and a new hire (yes, a NEW HIRE! - Her name's Laura, you'll meet her soon), it's been a jam-packed few weeks. Stay tuned for fab new arrivals in the next couple of weeks. Keep it real.

With heart,

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  1. Adding a new member to the team is very exciting! The Royal wedding fascinators give me the heebie jeebies, but the ones you carry are gorgeous. Maybe I'll be brave enough to wear one someday!