Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have Your Cake

A customer came into the boutique one day and brought with her the most amazing scent.  It was sweet like candy, but not candy, but delicious, like a cupcake, but not a cupcake...sugary, delicious, amazing goodness...but in the air. "What is that amazing scent?" I asked her.  "Oh, I'm trying out this body cream called Cake, my friend gave it to me."

The brand is a popular one, and I had first seen it in Sephora while looking for a new facial cleanser.  I couldn't resist picking up the little bottles with pretty pink writing and squirting a test into my hand. I remember loving the sweet scent but reminded myself  to focus on the cleanser before dangerously letting myself get carried away.

A few weeks after that customer was in the boutique, I coincidentally had an email from Cake Beauty in my inbox.  "We are hoping you would be interested in carrying our line of beauty products." Of course I would! If you know me well, you know that I have never resisted anything with the word "cake".  So off I went to meet the ladies of this delicious brand and learned that not only does it smell incredible, but it is made with 90 - 95% high quality, natural ingredients. And for those who like to indulge without the nasty side-effects, their products are also 100% paraben-free.  If that's not enough, Cake Beauty is Canadian made. 

When the products arrived, my excitement took over as I opened all the testers and started sniffing, rubbing and spraying. I could eat it. Really, I could. I won't though. Instead, I will just use it, and tell you about how great it is. I have two favourites from the line. 

This cocoa coloured hair powder is ideal for beauty queens with red, black and brown hair (to get rid of that day-after-washing-not-so-fresh-ness) and is also available for lighter hues. It can also be used on your body for freshening! 
  I also love the Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm. Where can you use it? On everything and anything. This concentrated blend will melt into your skin to treat and prevent dry, rough heels, dry elbows, chapped lips, stretch marks, frizzies, flyaways and so much more.

Along with those are Shimmering Creams, Body Mists and Sugar Scrubs...and with prices ranging from $6 to $24, it won't pinch your purse. 

If you already have a fond love for Cake Beauty, then you'll be happy to know that we are now fully stocked with all of your faves and more on the way for the holiday season. If you've never tried it, then you're in for a treat the next time you're in the boutique. Go ahead, indulge a little.


With Heart, 


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