Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gettin' Cozy With It

We gots cozy stuffs! I was like a little girl at Christmas when we received our shipment of winter lovelies the other day!  I know, winter sucks the bag...but it doesn't have to suck as much when you look cute as a does it?

So my excitement lead me to do something very vain...don't judge, it was pouring buckets outside and a quiet day in the boutique.  Besides, we've all done a photo shoot of ourselves before. Haven't we...?

My favourite piece by far, our new knit headbands!  Available in an assortment colours and styles, they start at $12.

 Please. Would you just look at these? Please. I am in love with them. Everything about them. White, soft, fur. Three things I love...and well worth it for $19 - $22.

 Alright, now for the hats.  I tried every single one on and took a picture of all of them...but I thought I would NOT smother you with more "me" than I need to. These are my two faves. Above: Call it a Tam, a Beenie or a Winter Hat...I don't care, just call it. You can't resist at $22.

Below: This plaid aviator is the ultimate in warmth. This is your cargo pant with a casual boot hat. $26

Circle scarves make me happy...especially in an assortment of colours, styles and knits! $24 - $26.

Need a little less me and a little more accessory?  I'm offended....but more pics of our new arrivals can be found on our facebook page. Also, if you join, there's a 15% discount in it for you. Always and forever.


With Heart,


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