Monday, November 1, 2010

Socialite Perks for Everyday Gals

Happy November Lovelies! Tis the season to get your shop on.  Ready for this? there are only 54 days left until the big day!  I KNOW!

This is going up tomorrow!

If you're reading this, you probably enjoy shopping. If you enjoy shopping, you most likely love when you find something fab for a fraction of the regular price. Regardless, I love having gorgeous items as much as I love to sell them, and what's not to love about paying less for more?  So, when I came across Shop Socials, I was instantly drawn to this brilliant concept combining all the things I love.  With just the right touch of fun, fashion, beauty, and discounts, founder of this amazing company, Tamika Auwai, organizes fabulous gatherings for women.  Tamika has made it a point to collaborate with independently owned Toronto boutiques, spotlighting hidden gems and designers that often go unseen. Also, martinis are usually involved.  Just sayin.

Showing off their goods below, some lovely socialites who attended our last event in May. 

Uppin' the anti of your discount socialite shopping is Shop Socials first born: The Socialite Card. Not necessary to attend events, but TOTALLY worth getting, this card grants you continuous discounts at boutiques in the Toronto area, private invites, free swag...ah...the list goes on.

Lastly, the newest service being offered by Shop Socials is their Girls Night In packages. With all of her amazing connections, Tamika brings a personalized boutique to your home (including I Heart Accessories goodies), providing you and your gal pals with the best in shopping in the comfort of your own home.  Have a few friends with little ones on the way? A pop-up including maternity wear is at your place in no time. Seriously...she's that amazing.
With our first Shop Socials event being a smashing success, we decided to ask them to help us out with our first birthday bash. If you're sentimental and wish to call us on the day, it's the 14th of November, however if you're like me, and just wanna come, enjoy a bevy and a cupcake (which will be generously made by our friends Lovin' From the Oven), Thursday the 18th is when it's all happening. Major discounts, free gifts and goodies galore are to be had, not to mention, shopping like a socialite at an invite only event.

So if shopping like a socialite is something you could get used to, I urge you to check out the Shop Socials website, and/or their facebook page for constant updates on new events.

If you've never been to I Heart Accessories, we'de love to see you at our birthday party, and trust us, you won't regret coming after shopping with 25% off everything in the store!

See ya then Sugar Plums.


With Heart,

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