Friday, June 18, 2010

Lindsay Phillips Makes my Heart Sing

One of the many perks of doing the buying for I Heart Accessories, is that I can order things I love and one of my favourite things in the boutique right now is the whole Lindsay Phillips collection. From her reversible bags, to the adorable flip flops, I really can't get enough. Not only am I completely in love with everything about the brand, but customers are also really loving it for the versatility and over-all cuteness!

Lindsay Heart Throb #1

The wristlets have been a big hit and come in 4 styles - Black and White (shown), Pewter, Black and Brown Floral.  The hobo bags are reversible with a solid colour inside and the flower pin comes off and can be moved around, or pinned somewhere else. How can we NOT love these?

Lindsay Heart Throb #2

As for the shoes, Lindsay's Ballet Flats still remain the most comfy shoe I've ever tried on (not to mention the adorable snaps that are available to change up your look).  The flats come in 3 colours (black, white gold and bronze - all napa leather), as well as a leopard print which I love more than words can say.

 These buttons snap on and off the top of the shoe, giving it a different look to match as many outfits as your little heart desires!

Lindsay Heart Throb # 3

As I myself am not a huge flat-shoe-wearer due to my god-given fallen arches, I had a bit of an excitement attack when I realized that Lindsay had come up with these little dollies. 

The Evie Espadrille was made for me.  First of all, I need both colours. One is not enough. Secondly, words can not express the comfort in these shoes. Lindsay has a way of making your feet feel like they are on cushy pillows in ALL of her shoes. Lastly, can we take a moment to look at those delicious little bows please?

I myself, am so thrilled to be sporting my Evies in White Gold today, with the Milena Snap.  I paired them up with some cuffed jeans, a red striped top, and some jewellery from you? in gold and pearl. I'm hearting this season's nautical look big-time!

Lindsay Heart Throb #4

So you're thinking "Meh, I don't really wear shoes in the summer other than flip flops." Don't worry your pretty little head for one second because Lindsay made you a Jordi!  These Flip Flops can also be changed up with the we love it or what?

So there you have it. All of these styles are available in sizes 6 - 11.  Give us a call, email or come by the boutique...we'd love to see you!

Lindsay Phillips, you make my heart sing.

With Heart, 


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