Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Single Bloom

I'm starting to grow a really great customer base and I must say, it makes me want to do a happy dance.  When I first opened my boutique, I was doing well for someone who had JUST opened and had zero following. There was great foot traffic, people loved what they saw when they came in, and many people purchased. Two of my many coaches and entrepreneurial heroes (my parents) kept saying "just wait until people are familiar with you!". Well now they are starting to be, and it's great. Really great.

A return customer came in yesterday with an accessory 'dilemma'. That's what she called it, which made me smile and eager to help.  She had been in twice before, each time picking things from my more higher end lines and being completely happy with her purchases.  I should add that this customer doesn't necessarily see herself as an accessory "person", but in my opinion, can totally pull great pieces off...and is starting to agree. This time, she had purchased a dress somewhere and they had recommended some accessories to her, but she decided to come back to me and see what I had. Within 15 minutes, she had found accessories for that particular outfit AND some for another outfit she had in mind.  She ended her visit with the words - "I knew you would have exactly what I needed!".  HELLO! Does this woman know that she just made my entire day?  No, my week. My life, really.  It was enough that you came back to my very intimate space to shop once again, but then to tell me you had faith that I would solve your big dilemma and then the bonus dilemma? that's just way too much sugar for my little heart. 

I guess this seems like a big deal to me at this stage because my business is the new kid on the block, and I'm really just looking forward to surviving my first year (5 months to go...just sayin').  I'm quite happy that I'm a big emotional nerd and can look at these little signs as a reflection of all of my hard work and as a big arrow pointing in the direction of my future success.  There's no question that starting a business comes along with challenges.  Do it by yourself, and you're throwing in a whole other set of ups and downs. Make it retail, and well, do you believe in God?  It's just nice to know that, along those peaks and valleys that are sometimes smooth green grass, and sometimes laden with prickly weeds, a single, pretty, awesome little flower is sure to bloom eventually.    

With Heart

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