Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Make My Week

Here's something that is the best ever. People buy our accessories, wear them, love them and it makes them happy. Really, that's why we do what we do.  When I'm in the shop and a customer comes in saying "I LOVE your store! This is so ME!" there is an instant sense of "this is all so very right".

Even better? When those customers send us their pictures of them wearing pieces they've bought from us. I kid you not when I say that this is THE BEST thing to ever happen in my week when it does. Look how many fabulous weeks I have had lately thanks to our amazing customers. 

Good customer and friend Lori, at her bridal shower. Lori is wearing a gold cuff and earrings from us.

Our customer Colleen purchased this Headmistress fascinator from us, and we were able to also find her a matching birdcage visor veil for her wedding. Gorgeous! 

Our amazing customer Lisa was swooning over this watch and we were so happy when she finally chose to take it. Layered with some cute bracelets, this is the perfect look for Spring.

Last but certainly not least, the beautiful little Victoria wearing a Headmistress Headband, which was gifted to her recently. She was happy to pose for a pic wearing her new favourite accessory.

If you're part of this group of I Heart Accessories enthusiasts, we would love to see you sporting our wares. There's nothing more delightful than knowing what you do, is loved by others too!

With Heart,

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