Friday, July 22, 2011

Laura's 3 Shop Faves

I love blog posts like this because they give me a reason to walk around the store and examine all our lovely items. We have been getting in a lot of new pieces lately, here are my three favourite at the moment.

Feather earrings are HUGE right now. They are definitely the trend of the summer, and since we try to stay on top of those, we just got a bunch of really nice ones in. Our feather earrings come in all different colours so you can go bold with pink or be subtle with grey. There aren’t any rules on how to wear these so some are choosing to wear a pair and others are wearing just one. It is really up to you what you think looks best. We took this into consideration and are selling our earrings as $12 each or a pair for $20. Some our fave celebs rock them too. 

A couple years ago I made an imprint of a leaf on some silver to turn into a necklace. I thought I had done a pretty good job of capturing all the veins, until I saw a pair of earrings we recently got in. These earrings capture all the intricate veins on the back of a leaf and the detail is just amazing! It was love at first site with these and I am very tempted to snatch them up for myself. They are $24 and if you are interested, I suggest you act fast before I decided to get them for myself.

A bonus is that they are also super shiny and while making some new dare to compares earlier, I stumbled across these similar leaf earrings by Silver Rush that are $208.50, so the price is right too.

When I was checking out all our new merchandise, this necklace stood out to me the most. With rows of peach, purple, and pink beads on a gold chain, the combination of these colours is what drew me to this necklace. It is girly, fun, and cute without being over the top, and the colour combination is just perfect for summer.

It is a little bit of a blessing and a curse working at I Heart Accessories. I get to be surrounded by beautiful things all the time and I can’t complain about that aspect. The only downfall is the temptation. I often find myself wanting to buy things every time we get new products; this post is a perfect example of that. Come on in and check out our new jewellery, taking advantage of the 20% off summer deal. If you are having trouble deciding, feel free to ask me anytime what my current favourites are, because I can guarantee I will have some. 

With Heart, 

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