Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girl With Heart

Well, here we are. Me, my boutique and my blog...all I'm missing is a puppy. This will be good. I can feel it. Only goodness can come from a place with so much heart...am I right?

My name is Natalie, and I live in Toronto.  I love accessories, so I decided to make it my career and open a boutique.

I opened the door to my boutique in November, 2009, and have been like a kitten with a ball of yarn ever since. It makes me happy. Really, really, happy.

I called my boutique "I Heart Accessories" for a couple reasons. For one, I really do heart accessories, and I know that lots of other women do too....so I wanted a name that was personal, and that other women could relate to. Secondly, my heart is in this for the long haul. From each piece that enters my boutique to the bows on my packaging as they leave, everything has been stamped with my love.  This really is where I give all of my best.

So here I sit, in my pretty in pink boudoir-style boutique, and write away on my little laptop.This blog is intended to share my experiences, thoughts, findings, feelings, adventures and general happenings of the industry, and my life as a young, femmepreneur.  I'm really looking forward to sharing...and I'm glad you stopped by.

With Heart,

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